Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Last day of 2002.

Was planning on thinking on what I learned/ liked/ etc. from 2002 and what I want to shape 2003 into...

Still in a kind of funky mode at work. I find it easier to just doodle than get stuff done. Partly because there's no huge driver, partly because I'm a doodler by nature. Gotta snap out of it, maybe I'll do it now...

I do plan to post my thoughts for 2002/2003 sometime this week.

Have a happy new year's eve, everyone! Wherever you are, may you find blessings.

Saturday, December 28, 2002

Its the Saturday after Xmas, Dec. 28. Only three days left in the old year!
We had a quiet but beautiful Christmas. We went to my parent's for Xmas eve as usual, but it felt quiet with only my parents & my brother. We certainly missed having the rest of the clan, but I'm sure Juani & Fern are having a blast in their Italy trip. And Ali & Co. are in no shape to travel this year, hopefully next year will be different. Then we wen tot my inlaws for our usual Xmas morning gift extravaganza, back to mom's for some more presents and back to the inlaws for dinner. This year my inlaws invited my family to come - I was very flattered and happy to get some of my favorite people in the same room. There were some jittery nerves given that both families are so different, but a great time was had by all.
The only sad part is that the rest of Frank's family couldn't come because of the snow. And my poor brother Jorge had to work supervising the snow cleanup so he missed a great dinner. But we've got the in-law make up xmas party tomorrow Sunday, should be nice to see everyone!

Food was great as always - my mo cooks great Cuban food and my mother inlaw is also a fantastic cook. I thought I'd gained weight, until I weighed myself Friday morning - hey, I'll take a couple of lbs off as a belated xmas gift!!!
Got to play at church again this year - to a packed audience as usual. I was a bit nervous because I was still recovering from the flu but everything came out great. Even my usual bloopers were relatively minor.
Last couple of days we've spent shopping - not buying all that much but exchanging some things from Xmas. We loved everything we got but some things were the wrong size, etc.
Now we're off to Stacy's graduation party - yoohoo!! Should be fun going to her Uncle Nick's farm with the whole crew, like she's always wanted to do .
Here's to a fun day today!

Sunday, December 22, 2002

Just a random political rambling... I really wish some people would do more action and less complaining. It bugs me to no end when I see people who pretend they care and talk a good talk, but when push comes to shove they let others do the work and then they criticize them to boot. And then people who don't know better (because they dont' know the whole story) think they're really caring just based on what they say. Hrumph! If they really cared they'd show it with actions, not words!! ARGH!

Yeah, it makes me mad.
Last night Frank and I went to see the 23rd Paul Winter's Solsctice concert in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. It was a WONDERFUL concert, one of the best in years! It had an African theme, with mostly African or African American performers, and they were a lot of fun to listen to and watch. This was only the 3rd time that the moment of solstice happened right during the concert. So they did their "longest night of the year" suite (with the gong!) pretty early into the show in order to have it coincide with the moment of solstice. Pretty cool!

Frank and I both have the flu. Yuck. We pushed ourselves to go to the concert (since we had the tx) but we're paying for it this morning, both feeling stuffy, draggy and generally crappy. So no church this morning (sorry guys!). I hate not being there because they depend on me for music, but I figure I need to get better for Xmas eve mass, which is only two days away. I may just make some chicken soup for dinner tonight ;)

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Went to see The Two Towers yesterday afternoon with Frank.


I'm glad I went for the afternoon show, the theatre was only 1/3 full.

They made quite a few changes from the book. Most changes compressed the story (ie instead of several main battles there's only one) which I understand. There were a few additions that I'm a bit ambivalent (they almost kill one of the main characters in a scene that's not in the books. I think Peter Jackson just likes the "is he dead" cliffhangers, he put three in the last movie). New characters were cast perfectly. And the one animated character (Gollum) is done so well I kept forgetting he was animated. Plus of course the incredible New Zealand scenery and spectacular cinematography. I sense oscar nominations again...

Its going to be a Loooooooong wait for December 17, 2003!!

Saturday, November 16, 2002

Just finished reading Wil Wheaton's website (very recommended, btw - www.wilwheaton.net). Anyway, he finished today's blog with one of my all time favorite quotes:

"Not all those who wander are lost."

Something to keep in mind as I wrestle with thoughts and concerns about life and loved ones...
I can't believe its over two weeks since I posted here last!! I did try to blog about a week ago, accidentally erased what I wrote and gave up for the day... Anyway... Since my last blog...

My high school friends Ceci & Fred got married!! They actually kinda eloped... I got a call from Fred a week from last Monday, saying he was getting married in Alexandria on Saturday 11/9. I hadn't talked to him in like 20 yrs, so I was VERY surprised and happy to hear from him. Then I ask if he'd talked to Ceci and he says - "shes' they one I'm marrying" and all I could keep saying was "NO! You're PULLING MY LEG!!" Then he put Ceci on the phone and she confirmed they were doing what they called an "invitational elopement" ie no family, just a few friends. I was pretty flattered to be invited (along with Frank of course). They asked me to play in the mass they were having afterwards, so I had to scramble and find our old high school songs, but it all came out great. CONGRATS you love birds!!

THEN the following Monday 11/11 I went to a special screening of the new extended edition dvd of the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (LOTR:FOTR). Way Cool Screening! I even got a free t-shirt, a free extended dvd and my very own "One Ring" (my precious!!). Only a true fan (fanatic?) would understand...

THEN last Thursday 11/14 I flew to Florida to help out my sister with taking care of my nephew. He's doing VERY well so far, keeping his food down, eating most of his meals and having great spirits. I'm hoping he can keep this up, we'll have to wait and see. I am glad for this special opportunity to spend time with him, he's such a wonderful little boy.

Last night was my night at the hospital, we ended up watching half of the new extended edition LOTR movie together, and he also showed me his playstation LOTR:FOTR game. Tonight is his mom's night at the hospital, so I'm in her house typing away here. Oh yes, I also gave myself a pedicure.
Well, I've meandered enough for one night, time to surft some more.

'till next time!

Friday, November 01, 2002

Saw my friend Barb from my old job, and we got caught up on gossip. I was sorry to hear how nasty things still are over there. It makes me glad I'm not there and sorry for those who still are. They got a new VP that sounds more grounded, I'm hoping he'll have a positive effect on the management there but somehow I doubt it.

Bought my tickets to go to Florida, yeah! I'll be there just in time to help my sister with my nephew's next round of chemo treatment. I'll be sad to see BIlly feeling lousy but I'm glad I'll be able to lend a hand. Now I have to find people to entertain Frank while I'm gone, I hate leaving him all alone for a whole 7 days! I'll be off on Thursday evening Nov. 14 for seven days, returning on the 21st.

Frank had most of the Halloween candy fun, but I got to give out some of it as well when I got home from work. Most kids were dressed up in costumes. My favorite was the little boy dressed in a Scooby Doo jumper, who thanked me and said it was nice to meet me. SOO cute! I wish I'd been able to see our neighbors girls, but they both came while I was still at work.

I just took peek at the Bonaire web cams... how I miss that place!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Been a while...
Yesterday I gota phonecall from WFUV, and I taped a "concert memory" for the 'FUV scrapbook. Hope it sounds ok, but like most people I hate the sound of my voice. Here's what I said:

I'm WFUV member Ana Casacuberta, and the Monday after Paul Simon did his free concert in Central Park, I went to see him perform at the Garden State Arts center, an outdoor venue. It was raining pretty hard, and we had lawn seats, but we brought our chairs and umbrellas, determined to have a good time. It soon started raining so hard that it was raining THROUGH our umbrellas. My friend and I looked at each other, decided to forget about the umbrellas, and joined the crowd as we all danced to Paul singing "You can call me Al". It was a magical night, one I'll always remember! And that's my page for the `FUV Concert Scrapbook.

That was as FUN concert! I talked my neighbor Donna into going with me, and we had a blast even though we got SOAKED to the skin (you have any idea how heavy jeans get when wet?) Wonder how Donna is doing... last I heard she'd married a cop in North Jersey and they were making a mint buying/selling collectibles. Good for her!

Last Friday we went to see Lucy Kaplansky & Richard Shindell at Outpost in the 'Burbs. It was a sold out show, but for the life of us we couldn't figure out why. We were very disappointed in the concert, their songs weren't all that great (except one or two) and most of their stuff was boring sounding. We liked Jill Sobule's songs and show SO much more, she should be the more famous one methinks...

Work is SLOW this week. Which I guess is ok because its giving me a chance to catch up on some stuff that needed doing. But its kinda boring too. I'm sure I'll miss days like this in the future so I'm trying to enjoy as well.

Tomorrow is Halloween! I'm doing lunch with my friend Barabara, looking forward to hearing how she's doing, how she's surviving the old job, and planning our NYC daytrip. THAT should be a lot of fun.

Only 48 days to TTT and 15 days to Harry2 !!!

Monday, October 21, 2002

Today is Official Kevin & Kell Day! Go here to check them out: www.kevinandkell.com.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Yeah, Bily's fever went down! He should be going home tomorrow if all keeps going well ;)
Just finished watching the Birds of Prey show in WB. I absolutely LOVE watching something based on the Batman type comic books. I'm glad its not as dark as the Batman bks can get.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Last weekend was a rainy one, but we enjoyed it anyway. Sunday was a bit drizzly, but we rode our bikes anyway to downtown, where they were having a festival. Fun!! I love to walk and see all the tent booths, check out what's inside and just take in the festive atmosphere. There was a guy singing some oldies - older guy, dancing and singing alone with his microphone in the middle of the rotunda plaza. Somebody was showing off a flea circus with the "strongest" flea in the world. Someone else was trying to sell some mops in a manner that I feld I was watching an informercial. We were a big hungry so we shared a pretzel, and a vegetarian pita sandwich. popcorn holic that I am. I ended up stashing most of the bag inside my jacket on the bike ride back to the house.
That night my brother Fern came over, and I copied some CD's for him, then we went to Bennigan's for dinner. We had a "buy one get one free salad" coupon, so that was Frank and my dinner, and Fern had the ribs. We all shared a decadent icecream cake afterwards. Yum! The meal turned out to cost only like ten bucks because I had a gift certificate to add to the free salad certificate. Not bad for a night out!
Then I started reading the second Harry Potter book, getting ready for the movie coming out in November. Its pretty good! Now the movie trailer makes more sense, I think I'll see it again after finishing the book.
Billy is still in the hospital, but getting better. I'm dying to know how mom did during her night watch stay at the hospital, but I'll have to wait for a chance to chat with her.

Friday, October 11, 2002

In case any friends are reading this - yes I know its NOT purple. Blogger didn't have any starter purple templates I liked. One day soon I"ll ask Frank for help in chanigng the colors of this blog, but in the meantime it staying orange. Patience, my pretties!
I'm zleepy but I thought I better make an entry since I reference this weblog in my "Brand New" Webpage on AOL. Hoop dee doo. AOL's design features are crap, but its a start. And Frank promised to install software on our computer so I can create a REAL webpage, so that should be fun! I'd love to create a weblog like Debbie Ohi's (www.electricpenguin.com/blatherings) with a bulletin board and a guest book and all the bells and whistles, but I'll settle to start with something that allows me to be a bit creative.
Billy's in the hospital, he had a fever of over 101 (which was expected after the chemo treatments). Poor honey. My sister called from the hospital, she's staying the night there.
Its been raining pretty hard for two days. Yeah! We need that rain pretty desperately. But it makes it feel pretty raw when I'm outside.
Did our usual Friday evening ritual date to the Menlo Park Mall. They had a new crew, but at least one guy remembered us and even remembered how Frank likes his black bean burrito! Lucked out in Talbot's and found an nice red long sleeve shirt, then I stopped at the bookstore and bought the second Harry Potter book. Gotta read it before the movie! But don't think I'll start reading tonight, its waaaay past my bedtime and I need to sleep.
On that note - Good Night!!

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Hello again...
Billy's finished his first round of chemo 3 days ago. The poor honey is barely able to keep any food. He's got to feel so incredibly awful I can't even imagine. ****here's lots of good wishes your way, sweetie! **** I so wish I could be there for you and your parents, especially your mom.
Workwise, its interesting... I like the work but I also try and stay politically correct which can be a challenge sometimes with someone who apologizes WAY too much (how about more Doing and less Apologizing?) But the again no one knows what everyone else is juggling in their lives and how that impacts their daily interactions.
My work presentation was postponned, gave it last Friday and it was VERY well received - was happy about that ;)
My visit with my h.s. friend was also a LOT of fun, gotta have him over more often!
Saw my friend Stacy yesterday for a quick bite after work. Its always fun to see her, she's got so much FUN energy. Love to hang out with people who live life to such max levels, its energizing. Even if she was bitchin' about work. She's still fun ;)
I'm trying something new on the crockpot today - put a whole chicken, covered in spices, nothing else. VERY curious as to how it will come out tasting!
Gotta go to my dad's place tomorrow, and do some light cleaning, per mom's request. She's down in FL helping my sister with my nephew, and dad's got company coming over on Friday. Knowing him, its probably a good idea for me to stop by and just make sure things look kinda tidy. Then again, it may be a losing battle, he'll have the house to himself a whole day before company shows up, there' sno telling what stuff he'll be leaving on the kitchen counter!
Gotta go and do some real work, will try and update sometime sooner - two weeks is too long an interval!!

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Well, its definitely cancer, and mercifully its localized. But poor Billy & his parents are going to have a rough time for the next year. He could be starting chemo as early as tomorrow! Poor honey! I so wish I could be there for my sister and Billy.
Still at work. Got to prepare this training seminar for next week. Should be fun... somewhat ;) I enjoy doing training, and so far the writing part has been fun. Do have to admit there's always nagging doubts - willl I include everything I want in the presentation? Will it come out fantabulous on the first try or will I need to revise it because its bleah? Will I avoid judging myself on how this comes out? Or will I stop asking silly questions? on and on...

Tomorrow my high school friend is coming to visit - looking forwad to it.
Then its Frank's birthday weekend. OH boy, I'm in trouble... SOMEONE will be expecting to be spoiled (don't know who) Plans are to go to NYC and catch the Apollo 13 show on the Imax, then do dinner somewhere fun. Now I got to figure out if I have any of those old birthday cards I bought for him for previous birthdays, or do I need to buy new ones. AND of course there's the birthday present issue. What to do, what to do!!!

Wondering what's up with my sister. If they've diagnosed Billy's cancer yet, and figured out the treatment. Wondering if they're still in the hospital. And if I should call or not.
Lot's of wondering. And lots of hope. So many friends are praying for them. Ali says she can feel the support all around her and that its helping her. Man I wish I could be there to give them all hugs.

Saturday, September 21, 2002

How life can change overnight. Or with a phonecall. Then everything else seems so insignificant.

Thursday I got a call from mom, telling me my favorite one and only nephew has this 8" growth in his leg. He saw the cancer specialist on Friday morning, the did a catscan that afternoon. Now we need to wait for them to schedule the biopsy.

I've been heartbroken ever since. I SO hope and pray its something benign that can easily be fixed.

God bless my sister and her family. He sure knows how much they need it!

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Feeling pretty draggy from the cold, but not as knocked out as I felt yesterday. Hopefully that means its on the wane.

New Employee intro was interesting today. I never thought of it, but its true - people may quibble about the price of a bottle of oil (ie $0.79 vs. $1.39) but don't think twice about spending $1.50 on a bottle of water. Which one requires more technology & work to produce? It was also fun to hear about some of the marketing stuff we're doing to promote our product.

Last night I watched National Geographic's Pyramids Live special. That was fun - knitting while watching tv. Something I should do more often (that way I'd finish Frank's sweater before next summer, ha!)

Made a REALLY good dinner today. I get tired of having salads & soups. Sure its more diety but it gets boring, I like having a "real" meal once in a while, so that's what we had tonight - broiled boneless pork chops in honey soy sauce, with mashed potatoes & green beans. Yum! I think its even good enough (and easy enough) to make for friends one of these days.

Now, if could only talk Frank into building my desk this week.... so I can hide in the basement ;)

Monday, September 16, 2002

I think I'm getting the hand of this blogging thing. Kwel !

Next I'll have to figure out how to make this all look ..........PURPLE !!!!!!!!!!

Feeling yucky today - got a nastybad sinus head cold. I've sniffling & sneezing all day, plus I feel achy. My wastebasket could probably qualify as official hazardous medical waste ('nuff said!)

On the other hand - had a GREAT time last night at the Indigo Girls concert. They rock!! I'm so glad they're back to playing softer music, I hated their hard rock edge sound.
Well, I guess I should get back to work - even though my head feels like its swimming in something - but I do have a lot to get done this week.

Next two days got 'new employee' training. Hmm, hopefully it wouldn't be too painfully boring. Looking forward to dinner tonight - I'm making White Chicken Chili - yum!

Man my head is sweeeeeemming. Gotta go!

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Its been almost two weeks since my last blog... I tend to go thru my lazy periods, mentally writing in this blog (not very permanent, I know). Wish there was some telepathic way to get words into this page, but until that day comes I'm stuck fixing my typos as I write ;)
Fun weekend so far. Went to see Jill Sobule last Friday, she gave a FANTASTIC concert. Then yesterday I worked from home. Usually any work on the weekends is taboo for me, but this was fun stuff so I didn't mind it. We did our usual visit to the mall, since we missed our "scheduled" Friday visit. Then tonight we're going to see the Indigo Girls. Hope they're going back to their folk roots, their sound has taken a harder edge in the last couple of albums, but the last one sounded folky so that's why we're giving them another try. Hate going to the PNC arts center, for one I hate when they rename public buildings with a corporate sponsor name. For another, the remodeling done a few yrs ago made it a lot less friendly. But at least we got seats in the "covered" area, so today's damp weather will not be a concern.
Weighed myself this morning - another 1/2 lb down! Woo hoo!!! Gotta try and continue eating lighter. Plus I think our recent biking trips have helped tremendously in moving my metabolism. Now I need to find a nutritionist locally to help me work with my stomach's ups & downs.
Lessee, what else is new... I started practicing piano again. Felt great to see that all my hard work 2 yrs ago is not all gone. My fingers feel a bit stiff, but they remember my old exercises.

Started planning my cooking two weeks at a time. Has helped a bit with meals in the week. Also started planning my clothes for the week on Sunday, also seems to make the week a bit less hectic.

Never got around to doing the Grand Plan for the rest of the year, so what the heck I'll do it online right now:

Things I want to do this Fall

* Biking, some gardening (plant some fall veggies & hope they come out, plant some seeds for spring flowers)
* Cooking, bake bread, bake pizza at least once, plan meals - have fun with my magazines & cookbooks
* Plan music for church through Xmas.
* One weekend trip somewhere
* Organzie the pile of papers I've got in the dining room closet
* Start knitting Frank's sweater
* Not plan too much for my plate (ie identify where I can simplify my life)

Gotta go & make sure Frank starts his workout soon (got mine done already for the day, yeah!) so we can leave on time for the concert tonight. May be back later! (then again....)

Monday, September 02, 2002

What a funny movie! We just came from seeing the late showing of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Liked it so much I think we may see it again, in fact maybe I'll take my parents to see it. I think they'll identify - two different cultures coming together, old fashioned parents, rowdy relatives...
Otherwise it was a quiet day today. Made my favorite pancakes from Cooking Light.
Note to self - I need to get some vinegar so I can make fake buttermilk (milk + spoon of vinegar) next time. This time they came out too soggy, whereas last time I did this recipe they came out perfect. But I digress...
So, after breakfast and being plain lazy with the Sunday newspaper (love doing that!!) we did some de-humidifier hunting. You see once upon a time (last week, actually), our de-humidifier in the basement decided to stop working. Frank's fabulous perceptive hearing noticed that the compressor was not running, only the fan (to me its all noise, I'd notice it wasn't working if it started to rain in the basement). So he bought a new one in Sears, and it was also making funny noises (glad one of us has perceptive hearing to notice these things). We were planning on returning it yesterday when we got the spontaneous hiking invite (see previous log) so when we got to Sears today, they'd JUST run out (figures!).
OK - I've got Buster the cat going "mi" next to the computer chair even as I type. Should I pet him or should I type? Yes I know its a rhetorical question but just hadda type it. Poor kitty is looking at me with his big cutesy begging eyes. Not gonna work. No siree... But I digress...
SO.... we spent the whole afternoon going to different stores looking for this de-humidifier. Normally I wouldn't care but its been raining all weekend (yeah, we need the rain!!) and my comic books are down in the basement, so that's a no-brainer. After checking the selection at other stores we finally went to another Sears and got the same unit. Reports from the manly side of the family seem to indicate this unit is working properly. Kwel.
THEN for dinner I made another Cooking Light recipe (have I mentioned lately what a cool mag & website that is?) - Stir Fry chicken in lemon & ginger. Yummy! And fun to make too. Now I have to figure out what to do with the leftover ginger.
Mary & James invited us to a picnic tomorrow, with the same friends we went hiking on Saturday. As much as I'd like to see them I have SO much shtuff to do to get ready for the workweek, and its going to be a long one, so I'm thinking we wouldn't go. Hey, I forgot to write in a Most Important Event - my brother Fern is back in good ol' US soil!! His reserve Marine unit just back from 40+ days in Kosovo. We chatted for quite a bit. He may be coming home next weekend! That is, if he doesn't get a cheap tx to fly to Miami & visit the parentals down there.
Also spoke with Annie, we talked about getting together Tuesday after work since I've got a work meeting close to her place that afternoon.
Gotta stop writing blogs this late at night!!! I'm zleepy again but kinda wired from the movie. Did I mention that was a kwel movie?
(been around Frank too long - my jokes are starting to sound like his!! Hmmm does that mean his jokes are starting to sound like mine?? Scary thought!)

Sunday, September 01, 2002

What a fun day! Got a call this morning from Stacy inviting both Frank and I to join our crew of friends for hiking at a reservoir park near her place. Surprise surprise, we get to her house and Dominnick is there with his two kids! Then Michael showed up, & Mary & James and their two kids. So off we go to the reservoir, and we hiked for a couple of hours a leisurely pace. Keeping up with 5 yr old highly energetic Sarah is always a challenge, Johnny was adorable trying to throw rocks in the reservoir lake, Samantha couldn't be cuter when we were singing Follow The Leader, and baby Aaron's sweet s mile lit up the day. Not to mention it was just fun watching Stacy being a kid with the kids (trying to fly into the wind, looking for the willow in Pocahontas with Samantha, etc).
Then off we went to Wegman's for dinner. Gotta love the place - a gourmet cafeteria/ deli/ bakery/etc plus an incredibly well stocked/varied supermarket. Wish it was closer! Then back to Stacy's to watch a movie and hang out for a bit.
All in all a fun day. Didn't do a blessed thing I'd planned and I'm glad. Days like this are memories to treasure. Glad Frank brought the camera and took some shots, they'll be great memories 20 yrs from now when the kids are huge.
Now if I can get Frank to stop reminding me of the kindling incident every time he sees any fallen tree branches...

Friday, August 30, 2002

Well its Friday late afternoon... I suppose I should be thinking of doing my work out.... actually I suppose I should continue doing "work" since I said I'd work from home. And I have, I finished my report from my business trip this week. But I really want to get done some internet related work too. Just gotta get my blog fix first, I guess Oh fun...
Went to the doctor's this morning. She agrees I should see a nutritionist, even suggested an herbalist she knows. Imagine that - a regular MD recommending an herbalist! That's why I like her so much, she's SO down to earth. Now I gotta call them, see if I can talk the insurance into paying for any of it (fat chance), schedule a visit, etc. In the meantime I need to go buy some new pants that don't squeeze my tummy. Yuck. I hate fat clothes.
One good thing of visiting my dr is that I got to eat a favorite luncheonette, the bluestone cafe. Such a cute little place. And I got to read the local paper. God I miss living in Montclair. Wish we could move this house (with its lower taxes) about 20 miles north.
Stomach acting up as usual - tasting lunch as I burp... remind me not to have tuna salad again for lunch, someone!
I'd rather go nap than do my e-course but hey, that wouldn't pay the bills.
No plans for the weekend. Kinda like that. Actually I DO have plans - to make plans for the fall!! Maybe I'll drag hubby to see the new store that's in competion to the Home Depot Expo. And I want to pick out a paint color for the bathroom upstairs. Wow, now that's suburban middle age excitement for ya!
OK, enough meanderings... for now!!

Thursday, August 29, 2002

I'm Zleepy. Probably should go to bed. But having just discovered blogspot, I just HAD to post something!!! Let's see... got a dr appt tomorrow, hoping she can help me figure out why my stomach isn't letting me diet. Then gotta work at least 4 hrs, thankfully I was able to finagle (sp?) so I can work from home and don't have to commute to work after the dr visit. Although I will be tempted to go around downtown Monclair instead... hmm, maybe I'll visit that cool bread store and buy some cardammom bread to feed my carbo cravings Honestly I had it only once yrs ago and I still crave it, it was THAT good!
Thinking of things, now that we're finishing summer hrs at work, perhaps I should start thinking what I want to do with my extra hr at the end of the day... leaving for home at 4pm instead of 5pm opens up all types of possibilities.... plus there's all the things I want to get done "someday" that I keep saying I need to plan for... perhaps this extra hr may help... Things that make me go ... Hmmmm....
Although now I'm going ZZZZZzzzzzz.... see ya tomorrah, maybe!