Monday, September 02, 2002

What a funny movie! We just came from seeing the late showing of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Liked it so much I think we may see it again, in fact maybe I'll take my parents to see it. I think they'll identify - two different cultures coming together, old fashioned parents, rowdy relatives...
Otherwise it was a quiet day today. Made my favorite pancakes from Cooking Light.
Note to self - I need to get some vinegar so I can make fake buttermilk (milk + spoon of vinegar) next time. This time they came out too soggy, whereas last time I did this recipe they came out perfect. But I digress...
So, after breakfast and being plain lazy with the Sunday newspaper (love doing that!!) we did some de-humidifier hunting. You see once upon a time (last week, actually), our de-humidifier in the basement decided to stop working. Frank's fabulous perceptive hearing noticed that the compressor was not running, only the fan (to me its all noise, I'd notice it wasn't working if it started to rain in the basement). So he bought a new one in Sears, and it was also making funny noises (glad one of us has perceptive hearing to notice these things). We were planning on returning it yesterday when we got the spontaneous hiking invite (see previous log) so when we got to Sears today, they'd JUST run out (figures!).
OK - I've got Buster the cat going "mi" next to the computer chair even as I type. Should I pet him or should I type? Yes I know its a rhetorical question but just hadda type it. Poor kitty is looking at me with his big cutesy begging eyes. Not gonna work. No siree... But I digress...
SO.... we spent the whole afternoon going to different stores looking for this de-humidifier. Normally I wouldn't care but its been raining all weekend (yeah, we need the rain!!) and my comic books are down in the basement, so that's a no-brainer. After checking the selection at other stores we finally went to another Sears and got the same unit. Reports from the manly side of the family seem to indicate this unit is working properly. Kwel.
THEN for dinner I made another Cooking Light recipe (have I mentioned lately what a cool mag & website that is?) - Stir Fry chicken in lemon & ginger. Yummy! And fun to make too. Now I have to figure out what to do with the leftover ginger.
Mary & James invited us to a picnic tomorrow, with the same friends we went hiking on Saturday. As much as I'd like to see them I have SO much shtuff to do to get ready for the workweek, and its going to be a long one, so I'm thinking we wouldn't go. Hey, I forgot to write in a Most Important Event - my brother Fern is back in good ol' US soil!! His reserve Marine unit just back from 40+ days in Kosovo. We chatted for quite a bit. He may be coming home next weekend! That is, if he doesn't get a cheap tx to fly to Miami & visit the parentals down there.
Also spoke with Annie, we talked about getting together Tuesday after work since I've got a work meeting close to her place that afternoon.
Gotta stop writing blogs this late at night!!! I'm zleepy again but kinda wired from the movie. Did I mention that was a kwel movie?
(been around Frank too long - my jokes are starting to sound like his!! Hmmm does that mean his jokes are starting to sound like mine?? Scary thought!)

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