Thursday, April 03, 2003

Well, I decided to create a bulletin board community to share info on Fern, here's the link:

Fernando @

I'm meeting my Emcore friends for lunch - looking forward to seeing these guys!

Weighed myself this morning, and I was surprised to see I've maintained my weight, I was sure I'd gained a couple of lbs - sure gives me motivation to try and lose 3-5 lbs before vacation!!

Monday, March 31, 2003

Monday Morning.

Poor Frank is still suffering from his molar tooth extraction - I think he's got what's called a 'Dry Socket' - in layman's term, tooth (or rather the lack of tooth) is hurting like !@#$ and unfortunately time and sedatives are the only cure. Poor honey! He slept only 3 hrs last night and that was a GOOD night!

We did manage to visit the 'Beneath the Sea' dive show on Saturday. It was fun to bump into Silvia from the Plaza Resort in Bonaire - she was our instructor when we got certified. Plus talking/ seeing diving stuff was fun, if bittersweet since we don't know when we'll get to go next.

Having a hard time with the diet thing - both the 'losing weight' diet and the 'acid stomach' diet. Plus I've been getting sick of watching what I eat. Had pizza on Saturday night and paid for it all of yesterday. ugh.

Fern got shipped out to Kuwait this past weekend. We're not certain exactly when, because he couldn't say but he did say if we didn't hear from him by today to assume he's gone out there. Be safe, little brother, and come home soon.

Billy is doing his chemo again this weekend. Poor honey is barely eating, my sister has to force feed him practically. I'm looking forward to seeing them the first weekend in May.

Here's to the hope that we'll see a peaceful world in our lifetime.