Friday, November 01, 2002

Saw my friend Barb from my old job, and we got caught up on gossip. I was sorry to hear how nasty things still are over there. It makes me glad I'm not there and sorry for those who still are. They got a new VP that sounds more grounded, I'm hoping he'll have a positive effect on the management there but somehow I doubt it.

Bought my tickets to go to Florida, yeah! I'll be there just in time to help my sister with my nephew's next round of chemo treatment. I'll be sad to see BIlly feeling lousy but I'm glad I'll be able to lend a hand. Now I have to find people to entertain Frank while I'm gone, I hate leaving him all alone for a whole 7 days! I'll be off on Thursday evening Nov. 14 for seven days, returning on the 21st.

Frank had most of the Halloween candy fun, but I got to give out some of it as well when I got home from work. Most kids were dressed up in costumes. My favorite was the little boy dressed in a Scooby Doo jumper, who thanked me and said it was nice to meet me. SOO cute! I wish I'd been able to see our neighbors girls, but they both came while I was still at work.

I just took peek at the Bonaire web cams... how I miss that place!!

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