Saturday, September 21, 2002

How life can change overnight. Or with a phonecall. Then everything else seems so insignificant.

Thursday I got a call from mom, telling me my favorite one and only nephew has this 8" growth in his leg. He saw the cancer specialist on Friday morning, the did a catscan that afternoon. Now we need to wait for them to schedule the biopsy.

I've been heartbroken ever since. I SO hope and pray its something benign that can easily be fixed.

God bless my sister and her family. He sure knows how much they need it!

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Feeling pretty draggy from the cold, but not as knocked out as I felt yesterday. Hopefully that means its on the wane.

New Employee intro was interesting today. I never thought of it, but its true - people may quibble about the price of a bottle of oil (ie $0.79 vs. $1.39) but don't think twice about spending $1.50 on a bottle of water. Which one requires more technology & work to produce? It was also fun to hear about some of the marketing stuff we're doing to promote our product.

Last night I watched National Geographic's Pyramids Live special. That was fun - knitting while watching tv. Something I should do more often (that way I'd finish Frank's sweater before next summer, ha!)

Made a REALLY good dinner today. I get tired of having salads & soups. Sure its more diety but it gets boring, I like having a "real" meal once in a while, so that's what we had tonight - broiled boneless pork chops in honey soy sauce, with mashed potatoes & green beans. Yum! I think its even good enough (and easy enough) to make for friends one of these days.

Now, if could only talk Frank into building my desk this week.... so I can hide in the basement ;)

Monday, September 16, 2002

I think I'm getting the hand of this blogging thing. Kwel !

Next I'll have to figure out how to make this all look ..........PURPLE !!!!!!!!!!

Feeling yucky today - got a nastybad sinus head cold. I've sniffling & sneezing all day, plus I feel achy. My wastebasket could probably qualify as official hazardous medical waste ('nuff said!)

On the other hand - had a GREAT time last night at the Indigo Girls concert. They rock!! I'm so glad they're back to playing softer music, I hated their hard rock edge sound.
Well, I guess I should get back to work - even though my head feels like its swimming in something - but I do have a lot to get done this week.

Next two days got 'new employee' training. Hmm, hopefully it wouldn't be too painfully boring. Looking forward to dinner tonight - I'm making White Chicken Chili - yum!

Man my head is sweeeeeemming. Gotta go!

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Its been almost two weeks since my last blog... I tend to go thru my lazy periods, mentally writing in this blog (not very permanent, I know). Wish there was some telepathic way to get words into this page, but until that day comes I'm stuck fixing my typos as I write ;)
Fun weekend so far. Went to see Jill Sobule last Friday, she gave a FANTASTIC concert. Then yesterday I worked from home. Usually any work on the weekends is taboo for me, but this was fun stuff so I didn't mind it. We did our usual visit to the mall, since we missed our "scheduled" Friday visit. Then tonight we're going to see the Indigo Girls. Hope they're going back to their folk roots, their sound has taken a harder edge in the last couple of albums, but the last one sounded folky so that's why we're giving them another try. Hate going to the PNC arts center, for one I hate when they rename public buildings with a corporate sponsor name. For another, the remodeling done a few yrs ago made it a lot less friendly. But at least we got seats in the "covered" area, so today's damp weather will not be a concern.
Weighed myself this morning - another 1/2 lb down! Woo hoo!!! Gotta try and continue eating lighter. Plus I think our recent biking trips have helped tremendously in moving my metabolism. Now I need to find a nutritionist locally to help me work with my stomach's ups & downs.
Lessee, what else is new... I started practicing piano again. Felt great to see that all my hard work 2 yrs ago is not all gone. My fingers feel a bit stiff, but they remember my old exercises.

Started planning my cooking two weeks at a time. Has helped a bit with meals in the week. Also started planning my clothes for the week on Sunday, also seems to make the week a bit less hectic.

Never got around to doing the Grand Plan for the rest of the year, so what the heck I'll do it online right now:

Things I want to do this Fall

* Biking, some gardening (plant some fall veggies & hope they come out, plant some seeds for spring flowers)
* Cooking, bake bread, bake pizza at least once, plan meals - have fun with my magazines & cookbooks
* Plan music for church through Xmas.
* One weekend trip somewhere
* Organzie the pile of papers I've got in the dining room closet
* Start knitting Frank's sweater
* Not plan too much for my plate (ie identify where I can simplify my life)

Gotta go & make sure Frank starts his workout soon (got mine done already for the day, yeah!) so we can leave on time for the concert tonight. May be back later! (then again....)