Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Feeling pretty draggy from the cold, but not as knocked out as I felt yesterday. Hopefully that means its on the wane.

New Employee intro was interesting today. I never thought of it, but its true - people may quibble about the price of a bottle of oil (ie $0.79 vs. $1.39) but don't think twice about spending $1.50 on a bottle of water. Which one requires more technology & work to produce? It was also fun to hear about some of the marketing stuff we're doing to promote our product.

Last night I watched National Geographic's Pyramids Live special. That was fun - knitting while watching tv. Something I should do more often (that way I'd finish Frank's sweater before next summer, ha!)

Made a REALLY good dinner today. I get tired of having salads & soups. Sure its more diety but it gets boring, I like having a "real" meal once in a while, so that's what we had tonight - broiled boneless pork chops in honey soy sauce, with mashed potatoes & green beans. Yum! I think its even good enough (and easy enough) to make for friends one of these days.

Now, if could only talk Frank into building my desk this week.... so I can hide in the basement ;)

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