Monday, February 23, 2004

Billy began the whole bone marrow transfer process today, they installed a 'broviac catheter' on him. He's staying at the hospital tonight, going home tomorrow Tuesday, returning on Wednesday to start the radiation treatments. After that, he'll be in the hospital for weeks. Poor honey!! May his guardian angels watch over him and help him get better soon.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Well, waddaya know... my baby brother is engaged to be married! To be honest I'm a bit ambivalent about his bride to be 'cause she barely talks to me, but she does look like a nice girl and she obviously cares for him (& vice versa) so I wish them very happy. I also wish them a lot of endurance... family politics can be such a bitch! Well, Frank and I will do what we can to support them.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Buggers, my tummy is still acting up... here's hoping my visit to the dr's tomorrow helps, I'm tired of having a hurting tummy!

Other than that, due to my cut finger I couldn't play guitar at church so I had to lead everyone a capella. Felt very strange - I didn't realize how much I depended on the guitar for my cues when singing! Although at least I got some sweet compliments about my voice sounding pretty. NO mass next week, so I'm hoping that in two weeks I can try and put pressure again on my finger.

First full work week in two weeks starts tomorrow. Yuck! And with my tummy, its going to be a fun week...

Friday, January 02, 2004

January 1 and having fun...

Had a great time celebrating the new year with the neighbors & catching up - they're really fun people, wish we spent more time together!

So I talked to mom in the morning, and she invited us over for dinner, except she didn't have anything for dessert. So I thought, hey, great opportunity to play with my new Kitchen Aid mixer! I decided to use a recipe from the booklet that came with it, since I'm not quite sure how to adapt recipes yet, its an Applesauce Cake which I thought sounded yummy. I dumped all the ingredients & started mixing - what fun, this thing works great! Then I started to cut up the apple that needed to be added, when my new Wusthof knife decided to christen me, and gave me a nice cut. I sliced a good chunk of my 4th finger on my left hand, a little more than a 1/4" diameter, and it was hanging only by one side, about as thick as a nice deli slice. Nice clean cut, though! After a few frantic calls to family to help us decide if I needed stitches, we ended up just putting a butterfly bandage on since it wasn't bleeding all that much. Bummer! I'm very annoyed, but what can you do. So I never finished baking the cake after all :) maybe we'll finish it today, Frank offered to help finish the cake prep since I'm kinda one handed right now.

Enough excitement for the new year! Hope the rest goes quieter, but we'll see.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy 2004!!

I'm SO looking forward to this year... a new niece arrives in February, hopefully Billy will get his health back, and hopefully Frank and I will get a little blessing sometime in the latter part of the year!

Some highlights from December...

* Return of the King was magnificent, of course!
* Quiet Xmas with the in-laws (my parents & brothers were in FL).
* Spent a day in NYC with Frank, and sampled the best pizza & best hot chocolate ever! The hot C was so rich we got a sugar buzz that we had to walk off, from 18th St all the way to 53rd (Rockefeller Center) and even beyond that! But it was a fun day. Here's a link with the pictures:

You've Got Pictures

Hope the new year brings lots of new things for the whole world!