Tuesday, March 18, 2003

OpinionJournal - Featured Article

Interesting article... but I can't help but notice his last question:

"Thus, I ask: what if instead of learning freedom Iraq becomes a second Talibani Afghanistan? What if instead of becoming democratized by the Pax Americana the whole Middle East blows up and the cancer multiplies?"

That also is my question.
SO. We go to war in less than 48 hrs. Probably more like 36 hrs...

**** Ranting and Raving Warning******

I could listen to the President speak last night. In general I can't stand the 'presidential' tone of speaking (I guess it comes from reading the teleprompter). Plus I knew he was going to say nasty things and I don't like to listen to them, I'll read and hear about them soon enough. Sorry if some people think its a crime not to listen to the president. Personally I can't stand this one. It made me sick just to hear we're starting our own little 'Crusade' against the 'Evil Doers'. What the heck, let the US go at it alone, just so we can conclusively prove to the world that we're the big bully's that don't care about anyone else's opinion even though we profess to be a 'free' country. We believe in democratic government only when the government (or UN) votes our way. Otherwise they're all wrong of course. And we believe that its our job to clean out evil country leaders like Saddam. But why stop with him? What about Lybia and Syria? They sponsor terrorists too! Sudan is a quasy terrorist country. So's half of Africa and several countries in Asia, especially North Korea. Then again, none of those countries have a nice oil reserve.... gotta have gas for those SUV's, ya know...

I hope that those voting for Ralph Nader a couple of years ago are feeling nice and happy with their choice for president...

**** End Rant ***