Friday, October 17, 2003

Wow life has been BUSY! Mostly with Portuguese homework... had an exam on Tuesday then a presentation last night (Thursday). I think I did well on both.

Although I'm having fun with the class, I don't think I'll take the continuation class... its too much work and there's so many more things I want to do and I don't have time for it all. Plus next yr (fingers crossed) I may be busy with other preparations... so I'll probably continue studying but on my own... maybe get some advanced language CD's to pop in the car, who knows.

This weekend looks bz too. Tonight we're off to Ikea to buy some shelves for our basement, which we will be assembling tomorrow. Which means a LOT of reorganizing of boxes down there. On top of that I've got tons of Portuguese homework and I really need to do my summer- fall clothing switchover. And maybe sneak in some work-work since I've got way more than I can handle 40 hrs/wk... AND maybe sneak in some relaxation time (ha!).

Why am I feeling tired all of a sudden??

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Started doing some web surfing on 'rice to riches' and found this cool link! Check out the video link, it gives a pretty good idea of what the place is like.

New York City - Chic Rice Pudding
and here's a weblog with some neat pictures of the store & its goodies:

Gothamist: Rice to Riches Reviewed

can't you tell I'm addicted??