Sunday, September 01, 2002

What a fun day! Got a call this morning from Stacy inviting both Frank and I to join our crew of friends for hiking at a reservoir park near her place. Surprise surprise, we get to her house and Dominnick is there with his two kids! Then Michael showed up, & Mary & James and their two kids. So off we go to the reservoir, and we hiked for a couple of hours a leisurely pace. Keeping up with 5 yr old highly energetic Sarah is always a challenge, Johnny was adorable trying to throw rocks in the reservoir lake, Samantha couldn't be cuter when we were singing Follow The Leader, and baby Aaron's sweet s mile lit up the day. Not to mention it was just fun watching Stacy being a kid with the kids (trying to fly into the wind, looking for the willow in Pocahontas with Samantha, etc).
Then off we went to Wegman's for dinner. Gotta love the place - a gourmet cafeteria/ deli/ bakery/etc plus an incredibly well stocked/varied supermarket. Wish it was closer! Then back to Stacy's to watch a movie and hang out for a bit.
All in all a fun day. Didn't do a blessed thing I'd planned and I'm glad. Days like this are memories to treasure. Glad Frank brought the camera and took some shots, they'll be great memories 20 yrs from now when the kids are huge.
Now if I can get Frank to stop reminding me of the kindling incident every time he sees any fallen tree branches...

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