Tuesday, April 11, 2006

When I'm NOT on a computer I'm mentally writing a ton of stuff for this blog, but when I come over I forget what to write! Sigh…

This weekend I was doing the happy dance - Sofia is starting to eat 'REAL' foods, yippee! She used to push away whenever I offered her things like cheese, pasta, fruit & vegetable slices, etc. This weekend she ate: string cheese, green beans, homemade stew (ok I ran that one thru the food processor but still it was pretty chunky)… She also now wants to drink from whatever cup I'm drinking. Of course if I give it to her she'll just pour it on herself, but she refuses help. So I'll drain most of the water and give it to her with a few drops left. She gets such a kick from drinking like a big girl!

Yesterday when I got home & took my shoes off, she had to put them on. I was wearing heels, she was able to walk with them for a bit! Looked adorable of course.