Saturday, September 06, 2003

I haven't blogged in sooooo long!!! Keep meaning to but never got to it, so I figured I may as well type something now while I'm thinking about it.

So much has happened since my last blog...

- my brother returned from Iraq (finally!), he looked great if a bit thin.
Feels more mature and grounded. Wonderful to see him!
- Went to Detroit, Indiana & Illinois with work, then Frank joined me and we spent the weekend in Wisconsin & Chicago visiting old high school friends. Had a GREAT time!
- My oldest brother got married in PR over labor day weekend. Beautiful wedding, lots of the usual family fireworks ;) but overall a great weekend.
- and most important of all... looks like St. Theresa was able to intercede for us... wouldn't say more yet for a couple of weeks but suffice it to say I'm SO grateful she helped out!! Can't wait to be able to spill the beans...

Next week we've got latin american visitors all week at work, should be fun!

OK, enough catchin' up, gotta go enjoy the sunshiny day out there!