Saturday, November 16, 2002

Just finished reading Wil Wheaton's website (very recommended, btw - Anyway, he finished today's blog with one of my all time favorite quotes:

"Not all those who wander are lost."

Something to keep in mind as I wrestle with thoughts and concerns about life and loved ones...
I can't believe its over two weeks since I posted here last!! I did try to blog about a week ago, accidentally erased what I wrote and gave up for the day... Anyway... Since my last blog...

My high school friends Ceci & Fred got married!! They actually kinda eloped... I got a call from Fred a week from last Monday, saying he was getting married in Alexandria on Saturday 11/9. I hadn't talked to him in like 20 yrs, so I was VERY surprised and happy to hear from him. Then I ask if he'd talked to Ceci and he says - "shes' they one I'm marrying" and all I could keep saying was "NO! You're PULLING MY LEG!!" Then he put Ceci on the phone and she confirmed they were doing what they called an "invitational elopement" ie no family, just a few friends. I was pretty flattered to be invited (along with Frank of course). They asked me to play in the mass they were having afterwards, so I had to scramble and find our old high school songs, but it all came out great. CONGRATS you love birds!!

THEN the following Monday 11/11 I went to a special screening of the new extended edition dvd of the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (LOTR:FOTR). Way Cool Screening! I even got a free t-shirt, a free extended dvd and my very own "One Ring" (my precious!!). Only a true fan (fanatic?) would understand...

THEN last Thursday 11/14 I flew to Florida to help out my sister with taking care of my nephew. He's doing VERY well so far, keeping his food down, eating most of his meals and having great spirits. I'm hoping he can keep this up, we'll have to wait and see. I am glad for this special opportunity to spend time with him, he's such a wonderful little boy.

Last night was my night at the hospital, we ended up watching half of the new extended edition LOTR movie together, and he also showed me his playstation LOTR:FOTR game. Tonight is his mom's night at the hospital, so I'm in her house typing away here. Oh yes, I also gave myself a pedicure.
Well, I've meandered enough for one night, time to surft some more.

'till next time!