Friday, August 30, 2002

Well its Friday late afternoon... I suppose I should be thinking of doing my work out.... actually I suppose I should continue doing "work" since I said I'd work from home. And I have, I finished my report from my business trip this week. But I really want to get done some internet related work too. Just gotta get my blog fix first, I guess Oh fun...
Went to the doctor's this morning. She agrees I should see a nutritionist, even suggested an herbalist she knows. Imagine that - a regular MD recommending an herbalist! That's why I like her so much, she's SO down to earth. Now I gotta call them, see if I can talk the insurance into paying for any of it (fat chance), schedule a visit, etc. In the meantime I need to go buy some new pants that don't squeeze my tummy. Yuck. I hate fat clothes.
One good thing of visiting my dr is that I got to eat a favorite luncheonette, the bluestone cafe. Such a cute little place. And I got to read the local paper. God I miss living in Montclair. Wish we could move this house (with its lower taxes) about 20 miles north.
Stomach acting up as usual - tasting lunch as I burp... remind me not to have tuna salad again for lunch, someone!
I'd rather go nap than do my e-course but hey, that wouldn't pay the bills.
No plans for the weekend. Kinda like that. Actually I DO have plans - to make plans for the fall!! Maybe I'll drag hubby to see the new store that's in competion to the Home Depot Expo. And I want to pick out a paint color for the bathroom upstairs. Wow, now that's suburban middle age excitement for ya!
OK, enough meanderings... for now!!

Thursday, August 29, 2002

I'm Zleepy. Probably should go to bed. But having just discovered blogspot, I just HAD to post something!!! Let's see... got a dr appt tomorrow, hoping she can help me figure out why my stomach isn't letting me diet. Then gotta work at least 4 hrs, thankfully I was able to finagle (sp?) so I can work from home and don't have to commute to work after the dr visit. Although I will be tempted to go around downtown Monclair instead... hmm, maybe I'll visit that cool bread store and buy some cardammom bread to feed my carbo cravings Honestly I had it only once yrs ago and I still crave it, it was THAT good!
Thinking of things, now that we're finishing summer hrs at work, perhaps I should start thinking what I want to do with my extra hr at the end of the day... leaving for home at 4pm instead of 5pm opens up all types of possibilities.... plus there's all the things I want to get done "someday" that I keep saying I need to plan for... perhaps this extra hr may help... Things that make me go ... Hmmmm....
Although now I'm going ZZZZZzzzzzz.... see ya tomorrah, maybe!