Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I've now seen everything... GiantLavaLamp.com - When we build it they will come!
Certainly gives you a reason to go visit Soap Lake, Washington ! (gotta love the name of the town too!) I dont' know if I have the heart (or stomach?) to listen to the Lava lamp song on the website...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

When I'm NOT on a computer I'm mentally writing a ton of stuff for this blog, but when I come over I forget what to write! Sigh…

This weekend I was doing the happy dance - Sofia is starting to eat 'REAL' foods, yippee! She used to push away whenever I offered her things like cheese, pasta, fruit & vegetable slices, etc. This weekend she ate: string cheese, green beans, homemade stew (ok I ran that one thru the food processor but still it was pretty chunky)… She also now wants to drink from whatever cup I'm drinking. Of course if I give it to her she'll just pour it on herself, but she refuses help. So I'll drain most of the water and give it to her with a few drops left. She gets such a kick from drinking like a big girl!

Yesterday when I got home & took my shoes off, she had to put them on. I was wearing heels, she was able to walk with them for a bit! Looked adorable of course.

Monday, February 27, 2006

It occurs to me that there's a big gap between my 2/23/04 blog and the 7/13/05 blog then 2/27/06 blog...

Just to fill in the blanks quickly - Billy is doing great, he is doing physical therapy to help get his leg back to normal. No new cancer (keeping fingers crossed) has been seen though they keep checking to make sure.

Sofia was a dream come true, born on July 27, 2004. You can read about her more here - www.babyhomepages.net/littlebaby

The last gap is just due to being busy with Sofia and being full time back to work! She's 19 months as of today - time sure flies! Running all over the place, and starting to try and talk. Quite the ray of sunshine in our lives!

Ok, gotta get back to work.
Now I've seen everything ... http://www.metronaps.com/ then again some days I wish we DID have one of these at work!