Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I spent all of last week in Detroit taking an auditing class... class was very good, Detroit wasn't. I drove to downtown one night planning on having dinner down there, but discovered there are casinos (!) in downtown Detroit. I thought Greektown was an area, kinda like saying Chinatown, but it turned out to be a casino. The few Greek restaurants in the area were in a not-well-lit street that didn't look so safe, so I never even bothered getting out of the car, just kept driving back to the hotel. Yeah, Excitement City... NOT!

Last weekend we had dinner with my old friend Lally and we had a Wonderful time at our local french bistro. Nice to catch up with her, we've barely hung together since we all got in touch again a few months ago (or is it a year already?)

This weekend we're having dinner with our friends Mona & Matt, and Mona is going to give me a massage - given that she does this professionally, I'm REALLY looking forward to it!! Just hope I don't get sick like I sometimes do after a massage (from all those toxins getting released, I guess...)

This is our last week of emusic membership - bummer! I've enjoyed doing our marathon downloading of albums as we try to beat the Nov 8 deadline when emusic switches from unlimited downloads to only 4 albums per month. Frank's getting a bit worried about all the space taken up on our hard drive :0 we may decide to get an external hard drive to store all this fun music. I think we've downloaded about 150 albums so far!! Now comes the next fun part - listening and deciding which ones to burn onto a CD.

Fall weather looks so pretty... pretty colors.. but BRRRR !! Next comes the season I dread the most... hope I can handle the cold!