Friday, October 11, 2002

In case any friends are reading this - yes I know its NOT purple. Blogger didn't have any starter purple templates I liked. One day soon I"ll ask Frank for help in chanigng the colors of this blog, but in the meantime it staying orange. Patience, my pretties!
I'm zleepy but I thought I better make an entry since I reference this weblog in my "Brand New" Webpage on AOL. Hoop dee doo. AOL's design features are crap, but its a start. And Frank promised to install software on our computer so I can create a REAL webpage, so that should be fun! I'd love to create a weblog like Debbie Ohi's ( with a bulletin board and a guest book and all the bells and whistles, but I'll settle to start with something that allows me to be a bit creative.
Billy's in the hospital, he had a fever of over 101 (which was expected after the chemo treatments). Poor honey. My sister called from the hospital, she's staying the night there.
Its been raining pretty hard for two days. Yeah! We need that rain pretty desperately. But it makes it feel pretty raw when I'm outside.
Did our usual Friday evening ritual date to the Menlo Park Mall. They had a new crew, but at least one guy remembered us and even remembered how Frank likes his black bean burrito! Lucked out in Talbot's and found an nice red long sleeve shirt, then I stopped at the bookstore and bought the second Harry Potter book. Gotta read it before the movie! But don't think I'll start reading tonight, its waaaay past my bedtime and I need to sleep.
On that note - Good Night!!

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Hello again...
Billy's finished his first round of chemo 3 days ago. The poor honey is barely able to keep any food. He's got to feel so incredibly awful I can't even imagine. ****here's lots of good wishes your way, sweetie! **** I so wish I could be there for you and your parents, especially your mom.
Workwise, its interesting... I like the work but I also try and stay politically correct which can be a challenge sometimes with someone who apologizes WAY too much (how about more Doing and less Apologizing?) But the again no one knows what everyone else is juggling in their lives and how that impacts their daily interactions.
My work presentation was postponned, gave it last Friday and it was VERY well received - was happy about that ;)
My visit with my h.s. friend was also a LOT of fun, gotta have him over more often!
Saw my friend Stacy yesterday for a quick bite after work. Its always fun to see her, she's got so much FUN energy. Love to hang out with people who live life to such max levels, its energizing. Even if she was bitchin' about work. She's still fun ;)
I'm trying something new on the crockpot today - put a whole chicken, covered in spices, nothing else. VERY curious as to how it will come out tasting!
Gotta go to my dad's place tomorrow, and do some light cleaning, per mom's request. She's down in FL helping my sister with my nephew, and dad's got company coming over on Friday. Knowing him, its probably a good idea for me to stop by and just make sure things look kinda tidy. Then again, it may be a losing battle, he'll have the house to himself a whole day before company shows up, there' sno telling what stuff he'll be leaving on the kitchen counter!
Gotta go and do some real work, will try and update sometime sooner - two weeks is too long an interval!!