Thursday, July 31, 2003

I'm SO happy we're picking up Fern tomorrow!! Most of all I'm SO GLAD he's not in Iraq and this is his going to be his last day of being in the Military!!!

*happy dance!*

Yeah I know it will be crazy and confusing and rainy but it will be wonderful to give him a hug, feed him cookies and listen to him talking non-stop as he always does ;)

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I'm still in schock...

Last night I got a phonecall from an old high school friend who had just married another HS friend last November. She was due to give birth in mid-June, and when we went to DC a couple of weeks ago I had called and left a message because we wanted to visit and meet the new baby. Mind you we hadn't heard anything about the baby's birth so I was a bit worried and even when I left the voice mail I tried to make it as generic as possible. I thought perhaps there was something wrong with the baby.


There was something wrong with their marriage. So wrong that she left their apt. 4 days after returning from a caesarean delivery. So wrong she had to call the police on him because he wouldn't stop the verbal abuse.

I know he was a bit of a con-artist in high school, but a harmless one and a good guy overall. Apparently he didn't outgrow the con artist part, he told her he was about to get a new job. That was in November, he still hasn't got it. And apparently he wasn't pulling his share in the marriage. Not fair to expect her to support both him and the baby.

I'm so sad. This should be a happy time, with a happy healthy baby. And she's in the middle of this mess. At least her mom's with her, helping out so she's not completely alone in this, and her mom a great person.

We'll keep them in our prayers, that's all we can do.

Monday, July 28, 2003

Just read in the Yahoo Co. G board that someone got a call from their son - around 1:30pm today they were in Frankfurt with a 1 1/2 hr layover... which means he'll be hitting the US soil TODAY!!!! WoooHOOO!!!! I'm so happy!!!! Hey baby bro, hopefully we'll see you in a few days!!!

Then again... the poor honey is going to be walking right into a soap opera... I'll make sure he knows he's always welcome to GAFIAte with us.

Bottom line I prefer him over here even if there's a soap opera. Much safer than Iraq! WooHoo!!!!
Happy Monday...

Well, at least its sunny and I have a window to enjoy the sunshine from...

Its lunchtime and I'm enjoying a wheat bread, turkey & roasted pepper sandwich with some baby carrots & ranch dressing.
I challenged myself last Friday - to loose 5 lbs in 2 weeks. As of this morning I've lost 2 already... though that includes a long 'sitting' session so I'm sure it will inch back up a bit. Not bad, though! Anytime I get the urge to eat something that's not so great dietwise, I just say - two weeks, that's all! Its a big help to know there's a time limit.

Fern is hopefully flying back to the US even as I type. Poor honey!! I'm SO GLAD he's heading back here, and I wish the same could be said for all of our armed forces in Iraq. Of course he'll be walking right into the the family soap opera du jour but at least he knows all the players and he's been forewarned. My prayer is that it does not tear the family apart... but given how most of my family members subscribe to the 'my way or the highway' philosophy I am afraid, very afraid. Frank's so funny, he wants me to keep staying neutral, in his words 'be the Switzerland' of the family. As I told one of the brothers, we all have to live by our choices. And be aware of the consequence those choices have on others you love, not just on you.

On the other hand, I had a nice weekend. I wanted to goto the shore, but Saturday I was too tired in the morning and Sunday the day didn't look that great at 8am. So instead I sat in our yard for a couple of hours, I think I got a bit of sun. And we got to see Seabiscuit! What a great movie!! I wish they made more movies like that.

Hopefully next weekend we'll be in Dover welcoming Fern and the Co. G Marines back to good ol' NJ.