Thursday, September 26, 2002

Well, its definitely cancer, and mercifully its localized. But poor Billy & his parents are going to have a rough time for the next year. He could be starting chemo as early as tomorrow! Poor honey! I so wish I could be there for my sister and Billy.
Still at work. Got to prepare this training seminar for next week. Should be fun... somewhat ;) I enjoy doing training, and so far the writing part has been fun. Do have to admit there's always nagging doubts - willl I include everything I want in the presentation? Will it come out fantabulous on the first try or will I need to revise it because its bleah? Will I avoid judging myself on how this comes out? Or will I stop asking silly questions? on and on...

Tomorrow my high school friend is coming to visit - looking forwad to it.
Then its Frank's birthday weekend. OH boy, I'm in trouble... SOMEONE will be expecting to be spoiled (don't know who) Plans are to go to NYC and catch the Apollo 13 show on the Imax, then do dinner somewhere fun. Now I got to figure out if I have any of those old birthday cards I bought for him for previous birthdays, or do I need to buy new ones. AND of course there's the birthday present issue. What to do, what to do!!!

Wondering what's up with my sister. If they've diagnosed Billy's cancer yet, and figured out the treatment. Wondering if they're still in the hospital. And if I should call or not.
Lot's of wondering. And lots of hope. So many friends are praying for them. Ali says she can feel the support all around her and that its helping her. Man I wish I could be there to give them all hugs.