Friday, January 03, 2003


Its snowing outside. Looks do pretty! I'm visiting our other office today, and my corner spot has huge windows on two sides so I almost feel like I'm in surround-o-rama or whatever that was called. Very cool!

Other than that I'm feeling chilly and run down, I don't know if I'm fighting a new cold or a relapse of the old one. I may leave work a bit early, what with the crappy driving weather and my not feeling so hot.

Went to a great New Year's party at my friend Lally's - she had puertorican food, yum!!! Its so great to meet up with her after loosing touch for like 20 yrs! And she's way way cool. Some people are cool, but she's several notches above regular cool. And I liked her boyfriend too - super nice guy! I was glad to see him & Frank got along as well.

Loved taking off yesterday - did lots of knitting while I watched the Pride & Prejudice videos Frank had given me from xmas 2001. Oh, they were Wonderful! Now I want to see more!! Maybe I'll rent some other Jane Austen adaptations, like Emma and Sense & Sensibility. Maybe I'll even reread some of my old Georgette Heyer bks...

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Last day of 2002.

Was planning on thinking on what I learned/ liked/ etc. from 2002 and what I want to shape 2003 into...

Still in a kind of funky mode at work. I find it easier to just doodle than get stuff done. Partly because there's no huge driver, partly because I'm a doodler by nature. Gotta snap out of it, maybe I'll do it now...

I do plan to post my thoughts for 2002/2003 sometime this week.

Have a happy new year's eve, everyone! Wherever you are, may you find blessings.