Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Yeah, Bily's fever went down! He should be going home tomorrow if all keeps going well ;)
Just finished watching the Birds of Prey show in WB. I absolutely LOVE watching something based on the Batman type comic books. I'm glad its not as dark as the Batman bks can get.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Last weekend was a rainy one, but we enjoyed it anyway. Sunday was a bit drizzly, but we rode our bikes anyway to downtown, where they were having a festival. Fun!! I love to walk and see all the tent booths, check out what's inside and just take in the festive atmosphere. There was a guy singing some oldies - older guy, dancing and singing alone with his microphone in the middle of the rotunda plaza. Somebody was showing off a flea circus with the "strongest" flea in the world. Someone else was trying to sell some mops in a manner that I feld I was watching an informercial. We were a big hungry so we shared a pretzel, and a vegetarian pita sandwich. popcorn holic that I am. I ended up stashing most of the bag inside my jacket on the bike ride back to the house.
That night my brother Fern came over, and I copied some CD's for him, then we went to Bennigan's for dinner. We had a "buy one get one free salad" coupon, so that was Frank and my dinner, and Fern had the ribs. We all shared a decadent icecream cake afterwards. Yum! The meal turned out to cost only like ten bucks because I had a gift certificate to add to the free salad certificate. Not bad for a night out!
Then I started reading the second Harry Potter book, getting ready for the movie coming out in November. Its pretty good! Now the movie trailer makes more sense, I think I'll see it again after finishing the book.
Billy is still in the hospital, but getting better. I'm dying to know how mom did during her night watch stay at the hospital, but I'll have to wait for a chance to chat with her.