Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy 2004!!

I'm SO looking forward to this year... a new niece arrives in February, hopefully Billy will get his health back, and hopefully Frank and I will get a little blessing sometime in the latter part of the year!

Some highlights from December...

* Return of the King was magnificent, of course!
* Quiet Xmas with the in-laws (my parents & brothers were in FL).
* Spent a day in NYC with Frank, and sampled the best pizza & best hot chocolate ever! The hot C was so rich we got a sugar buzz that we had to walk off, from 18th St all the way to 53rd (Rockefeller Center) and even beyond that! But it was a fun day. Here's a link with the pictures:

You've Got Pictures

Hope the new year brings lots of new things for the whole world!

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