Sunday, October 19, 2003

Last Friday we got some bad news - apparently one of Billy's chemo drugs can have the side effect of causing MDS, which could be seen as a pre-leukemia condition, and Billy's got it. Poor Honey!! I'm so heartbroken about it - he's gone thru so much, yet there's still more to go thru! And of course his parents are devastated as well. Couple that with insurance problems they are having, and its not a pretty picture. We'll be keeping them in our prayers...

On a lighter note - FINALLY got to go to Ikea, buy they shelves and start building them! Took all weekend to get the big shelf put together and it looks SO pretty, I'm a Very Happy Camper. Frank will build the smaller shelf set in the week, then next weekend I'll take care of doing the final box & basement junk reorg. THEN we can start on my 'dream' project of repacking all of our boxes into pretty white or kraft new boxes that are all the same so it looks all pretty and even like in the magazine pictures.. yeah right but I can dream, can't I?

Well gotta go do some prep for a meeting I'm running tomorrow at work - yuck!

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