Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Can't believe we've had like 10 days without rain. I'm LOVING all this heat!! The one bad thing is that we need to water but Frank installed new hoses - TWO!! - on both sides of our deck and it makes it so much easier to do the watering that I don't mind. Tonight's my turn to do the watering again unless Frank beats me to it.

Looking forward to next weekend. We're going to try and use Priceline to get us a nice 4 star room in Downtown DC, hope we get a good deal!

Yesterday Frank picked 3 blueberries... I'm so *happy*happy*happy* that its blueberry season again!! My favorite time of year!!! I just LOVE picking those berries - and eating them of course. I'm so spoiled I can't eat other blueberries because they're never as good as home picked.

Went to a party at Stacy's last Saturday - it was nice to hangout with everyone, she's a pretty cool, down-to-earth hostess which I like, I preferred laid back hostesses who get to enjoy their own parties. Brought the guitar and made some noise with it, but it was a bit unorganized. Partly because I just haven't gotten around to creating a reportory for myself other than my church music. One more thing for my ever growing list of 'Things I'd Like to Get Done One Day'...

Well, gotta work so I'll close here. Hope the new blogger transition works ok...

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