Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I was listening to Renee's podcast on limiting believes on the way to work this morning. Yes, I've known about this concept for a long time, but I'd forgotten about it. Specifically about how I can (and do!) create my own limiting beliefs then keep banging my head against them. Yes, I'm looking at YOU right now: LACK OF TIME.

NO time for planning meals
NO time to get all my work done
NO time to exercise
NO time to clean things at home
NO time to relax & do my hobbies
NO time to keep in touch with friends
NO time to update my & Muffin's blogs

Funny. If you remove the "NO time" from the above list, it looks like me TO DO one day list….

Hmmmm. What would it LOOK like if I *did* have the time? So far, when I do get the time, I squander it doodling, surfing, reading, window shopping…

I need to listen to part 2 of this podcast to see what she has to say...

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