Thursday, July 10, 2008


My favorite month is July because its smack in the middle of summer, and best of all its BLUEBERRY season.

Our blueberry bushes are bursting with berries - yum yum yum! So far we've harvested about 2 gallons of berries in 10 days, can you believe it? And there's plenty more on the tree! This season looks great - finally!

A couple of years ago I trimmed some of the branches on the bushes, and apparently the bushes didn't like it b/c we barely had berries that year. The following year we had harvested about 2-3 gallons for the season. And now it seems the bushes have bounced back, we've got tons of berries!

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Titi Ali said...

very nice blueberries, I have to buy them Billy eats them like if he was over your house, LOL next year!