Thursday, June 19, 2008

So I've been thinking that maybe I've been getting too used and comfortable with my routines - at work, at home. Been so busy trying to 'get things done' and making to-do lists and running around, but maybe I should take time to get myself off-balance, challenge myself, do things that make (gulp!) uncomfortable… Not sure what this means, other than maybe start thinking on how to shake things up. Stretching & reaching is never easy but it does have its rewards….

Hey, I’m a Gemini, we thrive on change!!

added in 4pm...
Talk about geing a Gemini, I just checked my horoscope in Google, and it really applies to this entry - freaky! This is what it says:
  • You can sense that the winds are changing, even though there is a peculiar stillness in the air today as mental Mercury pauses to shift his apparent direction. Instead of racing ahead with your best idea, take time now to look back over the past few weeks, integrate what you've learned and then begin to apply your new perspective over the next few days

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