Saturday, October 11, 2003

Man, I’m tired but happy! I spent today in NYC, specifically walking from Chinatown to Greenwish Village, with my good friend Barbara. We actually took the same train into the city together, so I walked up/down the train until I found her – talk about coincidence! Once we got off the subway in Chinatown, we immediately found a gazillion booths on Canal Street selling cheap knockoffs of designer purses, belts, etc. My sister had asked me for one, so Barb & I had fun hunting thru their wares and finding a Very Cool LV purse for dirt cheap! Walking down on Canal St, we saw a lot of interesting shops… went into a grocery store and bought some candied ginger, went into a jewlery store, etc. Then we went into a ‘Tea Shop’ and had a Very Fancy tea ceremony. I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture of the whole thing, it was SO cute. Oh bummer, I guess that means I’ll have to return … .

We then walked up thru Little Italy & Nolita, and on the way we found the coolest junk food place – Rice to Riches! It’s a Rice Pudding store, they sell ALL kinds of rice pudding, even stuff you’d never imagine! Website:

After all that walking we needed a break, so we found a bench in Washington Square Park and enjoyed the view… including the view of a couple of pigeons making whoopee (gasp!) There seemed to be a rally of some kind going on there so I took a pic. Also took a candid photo of Barbara, hopefully she wouldn't kill me (but I love how the picture came out!)

After some more wanderings thru the Village we ended up at having dinner at the Olive Tree Café and had some very yummy falafel, babaganush etc. plus I HAD to have some baklava. Not as good as mom’s (never!) but decent. The turkish coffee was Strong but very good. Man I miss going to that place! It sure brings memories of my single days...

The Olive Tree Cafe

All in all a most excellent day … thanks, Barbara!

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