Monday, September 29, 2003

Monday Monday - but hey, its my honey's birthday today!!! SO that makes it a Most Excellent Monday!! He wants to go tonight to Harold's deli - knowing him we'll order the chicken with veggies & a ton of muenster cheese. And of course he'll HAVE to have one of their HUMONGous desserts - yum!

I surprised him this morning, I put a garland of 'suns' and a mini poster wishing him a Happy Birthday - all on his office wall right above the computer. He loved it! I have to confess I thought it looked pretty festive too.

And he surprised me - he was able to buy us some S&G tickets!! In a great section, to boot! Of course I didn't find out until today that there was a pre-sale that we could have tried to cash into. Oh well, I'll be aware of that for the next big concert.

Got to study some portuguese yesterday. And of course I prepared a silly birthday present(s) for my honey, I hope he likes it!

And after all the candy I ate yesterday, I lost a 1/2 lb. Go figure. Can I go on a candy diet? Would that work??? Wishful lazy inquiring minds want to know...

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