Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Goodness!! I feel SO much better!

Today they did the D&C procedure on me - basically clean me out from the miscarriage, since none of it was coming out. I was a bit nervous, but Frank was there and to be honest I wanted to get my 'clean slate' as soon as possible. About the worst thing was getting the IV on me and feeling it anytime I was conscious.

We met with the Dr and he answered all our questions very nicely. I was happy that Frank got to meet him & that he liked my dr too. He's such a nice guy, I feel very comfortable with him. He said he was essentially going to 'vaccum' the uterus sac out, then send it out for pathology. And that he'll want to see me in like 3 wks. He also said he wants me to call him as soon as I get my next 'positive' result on a pregnancy test, apparently he'll want to check my hormone levels to make sure I keep the next one. Ain't that a great dr??!!
SO, the procedure went well. I woke up kinda groggy, took a while for all the meds to wear off enough and my blood pressure to come up to normal but I finally got home around 3pm. I knew my hormones were all cleaned out because not only did thoughts of coffee not gross me out, I actually Wanted to get some! So we stopped at Dunkin' Donuts on the way to get some muffins & donuts and my medium cup of java (decaf of course). Boy did that taste good!! But as soon as I finished eating - I had a 'sleep' reaction - I got so sleepy I was practically snoozing at the table! Frank had to help me up the stairs and into bed, and I slept pretty solidly for like 3 hrs! Even now I'm still a bit groggy but feeling much better.

Overall feels like a bad dream's over and that I've woken up to a sunshiny bright day. Its a good feeling.

Well, I'm tired of typing, so I'm off to watch my TTT movie. It will be good for me to sit still for those 3 hrs, LOL!

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