Thursday, April 10, 2003

Yesterday I received a letter from Fern from the field. Poor honey - he wrote the letter on 4/1, apparently just arrived from the US, already feeling filthy. He also sounds a bit scared because he had to put on his chemical suit due to scud missiles being fired in the area. In the letter he put in some requests - for a spare battery powered shaver, and for a red flashlight. I feel bad because he mentioned the shaver before he took off for Camp LeJeune, and I kinda ignored it because he never brought it up again on the phone. Oh well, Frank was ordering it today.

I was listening to the NPR on the way to work, and they had a "radio diary" from an HR person talking about a mom at her work place who was told about her son having died in Iraq. I got so teary eyed I had to change the station. I knew better than to listen, but I couldn't help myself. Here's praying that all our boys & girls get to return home safely SOON.

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